FlexAbility Professional

High specification joint and cartelage supplement for high performance horses

“Providing evidence based equine products;

elevating equine health, wellbeing and maximising performance”

Distributors of ‘Pure Feed’ in Ireland

A natural, molasses free, all in one equine feed
Low sugar and starch – includes the balancer

Our Product ranges

SVS Equine Science Supplements
SVS Equine Equilume

SVS Equine

SVS Equine specialises in the supply of evidence-based equine solutions. We are the official distributor of ‘Science Supplements‘ throughout Ireland and also the Northern Ireland agent for ‘Equilume‘.

SVS-Equine was launched in 2020 by Timothy Smith and Esther Skelly-Smith.  Timothy saw the need for an equine business which only sold products with a scientific and evidence-based ethos.  Each product sold by the business has a high standard of quality evidence-based science behind it.

Before starting the business, Timothy worked as a scientist in pharmaceutical industry (human and animal) which gives him the understanding of science and the stringent approaches needed to make a quality product.  He is also an integral team member of Shanaghan Horses which produces Irish Sport Horses and Irish draughts which have international acclaim.

SVS Equine Owner Tim